Casey Neistat and His Work on YouTube

Casey Neistat, have you heard of this name before? Neither had I, quite possibly because film-making hasn’t really been a thing that I’m deeply passionate about, or have any interest in at all, other than watching films for what they are. But, it just so happened that Casey Neistat decided to appear in my YouTube feed, and I decided to watch some of his videos.

Casey Neistat

I have to admit, at first I didn’t think much of this guy, he seemed just like any other YouTube personality out there — having fun while filming the way his life unfolds, a typical video blogger in the eyes of me. However, it quickly caught my attention that the amount of praise Casey was receiving in the comment section seemed, slightly disturbing to say the least.

Everywhere you look, people are reassuring that Casey is the man, and he’s publishing the best videos on YouTube, period. I’m not here to argue about that, what a stupid thing would that be to do. I’m only going to express my affection for this guy, and the potential he has to make the World a slightly better place.

To begin with, Casey is a professional film editor, director, and has access to a massive studio in people to help him with his work. Not something that every YouTuber out there is able to get his hands on, that in itself screams a lot of delusion from the commenters that do heavily praise the God image of Casey’s work.

In the above video, you get to experience a little bit of the creativity and inspiration that Casey is fueled by, as well as his skills in editing and composing, but best of all — you get access to the ideology that he tries to live his life by, and after having watched a handful of his video blogs, I can say that he is definitely a hard working man that loves his family, his fans, and most of all — his work.

Does it end there?

It’s Thursday, April 16th, 2015 — and Casey Neistat is boasting a whopping 550,000 YouTube subscribers, it’s going to be interesting to watch this number grow out of proportion very rapidly, clearly the man has got a talent for making film, and the amount of exposure he’s generating — that number will reach one million in a very short amount of time.

What’s more, Casey is strictly against advertising (at least for now…), which has also attracted a lot of potential viewers to his channel, we can only hope that the legacy stays the way it is, what a disaster would it be if all the fans had to be disappointed eventually, right? Because, that’s exactly how marketing works!

I know I sound a bit negative there, but we need to face the facts if we’re going to let someone like Casey define the future standards of YouTube video blogging, and especially so if we’re going to let people get faded in some false hopes that Casey’s videos are the best of the best.

The best things in life are free.

My only hope is that Casey will recognize the potential that he has, and will help to spread a very positive message while he has the momentum, of course, he has his own personal agenda and life to live on its own, but it gets my blood boiling when I think about the fact that so many people are able to praise a single man for doing such a great job at producing something of value — that they forgot themselves, they’re also humans just like Casey, with the ability to do great things in life.

Is he going to turn his life around and make video series about his work and his family on daily basis, as so many other YouTube stars have done before, only time will tell.

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