Evolving to a Global Consciousness

We are so privileged to be living on planet Earth at this time. We have different varieties of mindsets coming together from all corners of the planet, actively working on debunking the mysteries of life, and how each and every one of us relate to each other, and what kind of an effect it creates on our outlook on life — investing time, and patience, in our own journey’s helps us to develop our individual consciousness to levels of deeper connection with the authentic Self.

Spirituality in the form of self-development is still an alien term to many, but with the steady evolution of spiritual approaches towards cultivating inner-peace, and wisdom, we are at the brink of a global awakening that will challenge us all individually, and globally, to recognize the true meaning of this life, and that we all have a mission to complete. Not all of us have to become living Buddhas, perhaps what’s more important than that is to understand within ourselves, that we indeed all are Buddhas inside, and maintaining this core feeling will allow us to be more gentle with ourselves, and the planet we inhabit.

Buddha is a compassionate being that has recognized the effect that negative thoughts, negative actions, and negative intentions have on our lives. Instead of continuing to cultivate those negative aspects, the Buddha goes within, to look for answers and clues on how to become more loving, more compassionate, and ultimately fearless in the ability to share this love and compassion with others. The word Buddha here is used only in context, you can use Jesus, God, Source, or anything else that truly resonates with your way of living a spiritual life.

Names, like words, eventually lose their meaning, as we continue to reconnect with our true being.

The Buddha Within

I have been on both sides of the coin. I have lived in what many would call poverty, financial struggles combined with serious family issues, and pressure from living in a country that’s unstable in its political affairs. I was the first child to my mother, she was only 18 years of age when she had me. Throughout my childhood, it was tough to sometimes reach out to my mother, she was constantly working, and she also liked to go out and hang out with her friends; leaving me in the custody of my grandmother, not because she didn’t love me, of course she did, but because she didn’t really understand what it meant to have a child, and have your freedom taken away from you.

As far as male support during my childhood goes: a father figure never appeared in my life — a common problem that we encounter in modern society, where the male becomes unsure of his future when a child appears in the picture, yet who is to blame for manifesting this child, if not confusion, irresponsibility, desire, and of course you yourself, the father of the child.

I’m sure my life would have been a lot different, if my father hadn’t left me, and I had a somewhat functional family. My sister was born five years later, but her father was just another bad example of how alcohol and bad habits can ruin relationships, and in many ways also a family. My sister too, never grew up with her father. Life from early age was a struggle, which led to my own undertaking of habits like indulging in alcohol at an early age, developing a smoking habit, and experimenting with drugs.

Beautiful Tree Roots with Buddha Statues

There really are no better alternatives to dealing with these problems at such an early age, when you get pressurized by your peers to participate in activities that lead to self-destruction. When you are that young, worldly concerns and grown-up talk doesn’t really reach the deepest parts of your awareness, so you remain ignorant, until something happens and you are forced to snap out of your temporary experience. For some, it will be unexpected pregnancy, for others, such as myself, it will be a natural spiritual awakening to the higher truth of my own being, and then a comparison between two truths — the truth of my being and who I am within, and the truth of my current lifestyle, the choices I make, and how well those resonate with my heart.

Life up until this point is a learning experience, one that we either choose to honor with grace, or dismay because we feel that we cannot accomplish higher goals in our lives, due to circumstances at hand. Yet, the first step often means that we have to accept responsibility for our actions, our irresponsibility, and take the required steps to self-develop our awareness to a state of understanding, and compassionate wisdom. Of course, events leading up to this one single event will be different for many of us. It’s very possible that you experienced a wonderful childhood, but struggle began when you finished university, acquired your degree and realized how degrading the industrial system can be.

The message here is that we all have had our fair share of problems to deal with, the real healing and transformation begins when we can freely accept our past, and not identify with it through the means of allowing ourselves to become shallow with life, and blame external entities for our own problems. This approach has grown in popularity in countries and places where poverty levels are at an all time high, but also in countries that are run by corrupt governments that control much of what we see around us.

United in Global Consciousness

We are all entitled to our own individuality, that is our birthright. Everyone has their own individual spark that makes all of us unique; the way we do things, the kind of creative passions we pursue, and so forth. However, we all have one thing in common, we are all inhabitants of planet Earth, and we share the same responsibility to ensure that our future is one of wisdom, one of love, and compassion towards each other. Lightworkers — people who recognize the duality of the planet — have risen in great numbers in recent years, activism is rising in popularity, but so is violence and corporate greed.

Until the pivotal turning point in my life, I was also one of those Earth’s inhabitants that accepted reality as it was portrayed — a planet that has to play alongside the rules of government, because the government is taking care of the people. But, how many of us can honestly put our hands on our hearts and freely admit: Yes, my government is taking good care of me! — I would imagine that the numbers saying ‘no, they are not’ are far greater than ‘yes, they are’. The World is run by the government, whether we like to admit that or not.

Why government? I think there are few better examples to give contrast to a Unity Consciousness than to involve the government, and let it set the colorful tone for the current state of our planet. Terrorism, murders, powerful greed, these are all well established concerns that humans of Earth are encountering on daily basis.

While some will spend hours at a time, speculating how it is all part of the Illuminati plan, some will actually begin to recognize how it is a learning experience for all of us as a collective community to fight the greed, not with our bare hands, or worse; guns, but with our strong compassion towards each other, our ability to come out of the mind control that’s happening all around us, and dedicate our intentions to become better through the process of cultivating self-development.

It can be a scary thought to think — “Hey, I’m changing a lot, and I’m learning a lot about self-love, but I won’t be able to go up against all this corruption on my own!”, I agree. But, let’s not limit ourselves. We are not the only bunch of people awakening to a higher truth. Anyone familiar with spiritual ascension will already be familiar with the volumes of people who are awakening out of the brainwash, straight into the process of learning about the Self.

The Nature of Human Beings

If you are a deep thinker, perhaps you can make some connections here, between having a rough childhood that doesn’t offer any real insight about the reality of things, and how the government can capitalize on such vast amounts of people, by giving them hope, but no real initiative to change, or make things better. In all fairness, we could go on and on, blaming the system for all of our problems, but a process of self-development doesn’t call you to pursue activities that would challenge the system in ways that could lead to more unwholesome conclusions.

After having have had this beautiful experience of inner-awakening, a lot of time was spent in solitude, processing my past, and also mustering up the courage to let go of my past, to eliminate the circumstances and the people that were no longer serving my higher purpose in life, these events have been some of the most tragic in my life, requiring a lot of inner-strength and compassion for myself to come out on the other side; feeling good about the choices I had decided to make. An awakening is merely that, an awakening to something more meaningful in this life, but it happens in a way where it doesn’t entitle you to a certain feeling, because you eventually come to realize that although a lot of work has been done on your Self, through your own practice, the old world is still here, and it makes you ask yourself: “What’s the best way I could help.”.

In my experience, a lot of people get upset about the affairs of the government, and the system at large, and a lot of energy is spent towards finding faults, creating conspiracies, and generally acting from a fearful point of view. If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is this: We can blame anyone or anything as much as we like, eventually we will arrive at the conclusion that it is our own inner-problems that we are blaming for our experience of life.

Spiritual authors such as Doreen Virtue, Diana CooperWayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Matt Kahn, and countless others have, and still continue to, paved the way for evolving Souls to look behind the curtain, and open their minds to the possibility of a higher existence on this planet. There are always going to be two ways to look at things, and I mentioned early in this article, that I have seen both sides, and because this is who I am, I feel compelled to share my insights and ideas in a way that bridges the old with the new in a smooth, and seamless way.

The Paradox of Doubt

It’s a huge task to undertake, to write about these topics with confidence and feel the pressure from those who still enjoy doubt, and self-denial of growing as a person, but also as an individual being that has more to learn in this life than is first possible to recognize. Any of the spiritual authors that you saw me mention above, have plenty of articles and columns written about them by beings who are in denial of the possibility that there is more to life than we can accept. Of course, doubt is natural to humans, but another thing that is very natural is impatience. Why should I follow some spiritual master, and have him teach me and expose me to these angelic beings, and other extraterrestrial concepts, if I’m not getting access to them myself?

The Spirit World was not something I ever wanted to question, my journey so far has brought about enough proof to reassure me that such a World exists, and it is very possible to connect with it, through rigorous practice of self-development. Working on yourself is one of the hardest things that you as a human will encounter, but will be the point where you will begin to quickly appreciate, and understand the saying popular amongst spiritual teachers: “Earth is a school, and it’s not an easy one.”.

Earth teaches us grace, and humility. We choose these lives because we want to challenge ourselves to learn, to learn about emotions, and to learn about mental mind states. In the last 3 years alone, I have gone through phases of wanting to kill myself, blaming everyone but myself for my moods, getting angry and punching holes in walls, are these experiences strange, or mean that I should go see a doctor? No! These experiences are beautiful landmarks in our journey of evolution as individuals and global consciousness to help us understand how our Ego works, and how powerful the Ego can be when presented with direct challenges that ask us to change a behavior, a pattern, even our way of seeing life.

As many spiritual teachers and mentors as I have met in my life, and as much as I have wanted to be like them; because of the natural emanation of love and compassion that they send out, it always came back to learning to accept myself, and learning to let go of these highly undeveloped expectations that I should become a guru this very second. The spiritual journey will pressure our Ego to recognize that all of us have difficulties in life, that all of us have problems to deal with, what will matter the most is how we approach these issues, and how we can best navigate our lives to continue becoming a better version of ourselves.

Awakening to Unity Consciousness

The ultimate teaching of the Buddha is to recognize our capability of infinite compassion. Buddhists all across the world live in Sanghas (communities) practicing meditation techniques such as loving-kindness, compassion, and insight meditation. The Yogic community is very much alike, practicing the mental strength development through the use of carefully developed postures that invoke in us the feelings to recognize our limits, and how we can step over these limits — to open ourselves up fully to an enlightened way of living.

Unity consciousness will not be about blame, guilt, or doubt. Unity consciousness asks of us to recognize each other as we truly are, maybe we are struggling and we have emotional issues, but most of the time it really isn’t our fault that we have these problems, if we remain aware and willing to work on ourselves, the world opens up and we can see that a lot of the people we meet and interact with are actually helping us to become better.

Spiritual Art Consciousness Evolution

The more dedicated we are with practices such as meditation, the more clear the picture becomes for our own self-discovery, and what we are learning at any given time. Only when we fully accept ourselves, and the learning process that is constantly happening to us, that we can begin to open ourselves up to other people without feeling like we are being judged, mistreated, or otherwise influenced. Even the most anger-driven beings will have a soft side to them, but instead of judging this person for being so selfish, we can become compassionate towards the idea that perhaps this person had a very rough upbringing, and there wasn’t anyone there for them when they needed it the most. It’s very hard to become present and truly shine with our best intentions through our loving heart in challenging situations, but it is possible.

Sometimes you will find yourself trying to be nice to people, and all you keep getting back is shit — people treating you like you’re not worthy, and this can be so devastating to your understanding of others, but what’s actually happening is that these very people just haven’t fully dealt with their own problems, you’re acting merely as a mirror for them to recognize their own behavior, and it really is never about you. In the moment when it is happening, it stings your heart so much.

Here you are, doing your best, but nobody’s listening! Listen, keep doing your best, because in due time it will reveal the biggest gift of your life, the gift of unconditional love towards yourself and others.

To think that all these ‘evil’ people are controlling us because they are part of something bigger themselves, well.. that’s just a very obscured way of looking at things. It’s very unlikely that humans incarnate on this planet just to enjoy physical and material things, let’s be honest with ourselves — material, physical, world holds nothing for us, other than temporary experiences and satisfaction. What we are seeking to achieve within ourselves is the equilibrium of balance between our understanding of the world as a united consciousness, and what we are learning through personal development.

The Earth is indeed a school, a high-grade university that challenges us to recognize our true nature, and asks us to return to our inner-world, so that we can once again make it beautiful, unobscured by worldly affairs of negativity, corruption, and disempowerment to the idea of a self-sustained global community.

Retreating from Revolution

OSHO’s book “Living on Your Own Terms: What Is Real Rebellion?” has been one of the most deep and authentic works written in regards to understanding our own individuality, and the importance of rebelling from the temptation to start a global revolution. What we are seeking as a global community, is global rebellion. A global rebellion of individuals who return back to their authentic Self, and begin the process of realigning the Mind and Heart as One.

When we start working on ourselves, beginning to question our lives, and understanding the influence that our presence has on the external life we currently live in, we start to understand how developing your own individual consciousness can have a huge, and positive, effect on the consciousness of the global community.

It’s only when we start to recognize results in ourselves, that we start to recognize how the changes in us, begin to affect everyone around us. It’s simple mathematics — being angry with yourself, will lead you to being angry with others, whereas being happy with yourself (even if present life situation is difficult) will lead to making others happy naturally.

The struggles of human life are not so different in comparison, we all have similar challenges and problems to deal with, and real learning begins through the acceptance and recognition of these struggles within ourselves, because that will allow us to recognize them in others, which in turns opens the space for understanding, and a compassionate approach towards relating to other human beings.

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  1. Thank you for the great text! I’m at the beginning of my journey to awakening and people like you give me strenght to go forward. It’s surely not easy but I feel it’s the only way for me.

    1. Hi Paavo!

      Great to know that this was helpful in some way, it’s the intention behind all of the work that I do here on SkillCode — to help those that need that little bit of inspiration to keep going. I was too in a place during my awakening process, which of course is still ongoing, where I needed a lot of help to keep myself moving forward. The challenges are unforgiving, but necessary for our Soul Growth.

  2. Hi. Very nice read
    I had an awakening experience ten years ago that I did on purpose by meditation, learning etc..The results were so intense that I nearly lost my mind and now am hesitant to retry even though now I KNOW there’s something to it, and therefore missing in my life without it.
    What does it mean if someone has a very frightening awakening? Are there entities outside oneself that are involved in an awakening or was it just my imagination? Like I was making statements that would immediately come to pass that I could not have known, things happened that I’m scared to open up to a second time. I have a deep rooted history in Christianity that I rejected to pursue enlightenment and connection with the world..Could that have a negative effect on awakening? Thanks. ( My motive for awakening is inner peace and purpose and global connectivity).

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