Guided Meditation: Letting Go of Anxiety

This is going to be a simple to follow guided visualization meditation for releasing anxiety and mental tension. You can practice this meditation on your smartphone and take it to your favorite meditation place, or you can play it on your computer if that’s more convenient for you.

You can avoid reading further and jump straight into the video, but if you’d like to learn a little bit more about visualization and how it works, and also why anxiety occurs, please continue reading to learn more. Your questions can be submitted in the comment section at the bottom of this post.

Note: I would really appreciate your feedback on this guided meditation for anxiety, I’m only starting to write and record scripts now, and in order to improve future meditations it’s essential that you remember to share your feedback.

The script for this visualization

As you go through this meditation once, you will learn about the basic “ball of energy” technique for releasing stagnate emotions and feelings such as anxiety.

The reason why this meditation is so successful is because it uses the concept of “energy over mind”, we’re energetic human beings that live in an energetic Universe, which allows us to tap into this infinite pool of energy that can be used for healing and resolving any dense emotions.

It’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe a visualization technique for resolving things like a headache, and we can apply these visualizations to a wide variety of issues that we’re encountering in our daily lives.

Why does anxiety occur?

During the guided meditation you will be asked a simple question: What is it that is bothering you at this time? — your ability to answer this question truthfully will help you better understand, and in fact locate, the feeling of anxiety that is causing you discomfort. The first step to healing is always acknowledging that there’s something bother you within yourself, which pushes you halfway of getting your problem resolved.

Humans have fears and anxieties about a wide range of things in life, the fear of love, or having anxiety attacks when it comes to asking out a girl (or a boy) that you like. Since we aren’t born with inherent traumas (apart from ancestral trauma in our DNA), most of the anxiety we encounter later in our lives comes as an after effect of what we experienced during our childhood and adolescence periods.

Be truthful to yourself, take a piece of paper and a pen and simply write down the answer that you’re receiving for the above question. What is truly stopping you in this moment, to enjoy life and to feel happy with yourself? Once you have the answer locked down, you can start to practice my guided visualization meditation to help you resolve any feelings of anxiety and mental tension. It works almost as if it’s magic.

The science behind visualization

There’s actually very minimal science behind visualization, but one thing it does help to improve is your cognitive ability to deal with stresses on an emotional and mental level using only your imaginative brain. When you use your imagination, you’re engaging your mental brain to participate in an activity that the brain cannot differentiate from being real, or just a form of imagination.

true sign of intelligenceI know for a fact that many of you go through social anxiety, unsure of how to overcome your fears of being publicly seen, but countless actors and stage performers will tell you that their best method of preparing for a public appearance is through using visualization, and imagining the positive outcome as if it had already happened.

It’s a great confidence booster because the it helps for the brain to get accustomed to a particular situation, so when it comes to do it in real life you’ve already told your brain that it is okay to feel calm and centered in that situation.

Starting small…

Lastly, this is my first guided meditation. I plan to work on these more, but first have to find the right equipment and have to prepare scripts that would be helpful to help you become the best version of yourself. If you’re looking for a particular guided meditation, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below with your suggestions.

We have all the time in the world to deal with our issues, and the best way is always to start small and notice the changes that are happening, then as these changes become more evident — it boosts your confidence to overcome your fears, and in this case anxieties, for good.

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  1. Hi, my name is Carlos and I’m from Colombia. I have to tell you, I’m impressed about this meditation method cause is my first time doing it and I feel great. Thanks for doing what you do and glad I found this magic.

    1. Carlos,

      thanks for stopping by, and thanks for tuning into the guided meditation. I’m glad it helped you to relieve some of your own anxiety, keep an eye out for any future videos where I’ll talk about different techniques that you can apply self-healing to yourself and the world.

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