How Anxiety Can Help You Move Forward in Life

Having seen anxiety from both sides of the coin — I know exactly how it feels to be overwhelmed by your own emotions. In the long run, anxiety did teach me great lessons in self-acceptance and the false perception of fear.

I had to ask myself on multiple occasions, what was behind this turmoil of emotions, perhaps that’s the single most important question to ask yourself when anxiety starts to crawl into your own life, creating an illusion of obstruction in your way.

During the period of late 2012 up until late 2015, I was on a personal spiritual retreat, which later helped to inspire the post for why spiritual loneliness is good for you, during this process of self-healing I was able to connect with the root cause of my anxiety on many occasions, besides the fact that I grew up as an addict.

I wasn’t going to give up that easily either, drugs to me were a form of medication to help me deal with my stress and fear related problems, but the road since my recovery has been based purely on the practice of meditation and mindful living.

There’s always a reason behind being anxious.

You can try to deny your feelings of anxiety, but it won’t be long before they completely swamp your life experience and you start to go down the road of self-sabotage, whether it’s unhealthy habits or bad choices in life.

Though, going as far as trying to find an answer to your anxiety related issues is already a huge step in the right direction.


My own anxiety manifested as a number of obstacles in my life, especially when it came to having relationships with people and trusting myself to navigate life on my own, without the need to have a third-party help, or assist me. Often the only thing that helped me to get through these uncomfortable times, was the practice of self-enquiry.

Asking myself crucial questions in relation to my problems helped me to shed some light on that which was holding me back, and so for most of 2015 I was observing my emotions and asking myself a simple question: Why is this occurring right now?

The challenge was, and in some ways continues to be to this day, to accept whatever these questions presented, and then work on solutions one step at a time.

It’s highly recommended that you grab a piece of paper and a pen to write the answers down, it will give you a broader context of what your issues are, and will inspire you to find creative ways to solve them.

  1. What am I anxious about? — Ask yourself, why are you anxious about? There has to be a reason. Don’t fear the severity of it, just acknowledge that you have some anxiety-related issues storing themselves in your body, and write it down.
  2. When did this anxiety start to appear? — You may want to think back on a specific time in your life when this anxiety first started appearing, what event or occurrence caused it? Knowing the answer to this question can help you understand what you may need to forgive in order to release an emotional blockage within yourself.
  3. What’s the worst that can happen? — If your anxiety is stopping you from doing something, like finding love in your life, then you need to ask yourself as to what could be the worst thing that could happen to you if you went ahead and did it anyway. Truth is, sometimes it’s a deeply rooted fear that’s holding us back, and this questions really helps to open your awareness to it.

I tried to read self-help books, and I watched countless videos on managing my own emotions, but in the end the only thing that actually helped to improve the situation was self-inquiry.

Ramana Maharshi, a mystic yogi from India, was highly acclaimed for his technique of self-enquiry, often provoking students to ask the big question in life — “Who Am I?”.

Meditation generates joy and happiness.

I’m not sure where my life would be right now if it wasn’t for my meditation practice, which luckily to me just happened to become a regular habit all by itself. Since then I have been a passionate advocate for helping others learn meditation, and to help others understand their inner-workings of their mind, body and spirit connection.

Harvard and other university institutions related to psychological and mental health have shown great results in studies that have proven the benefits of mindfulness for effectively dealing with anxiety and mental stress.

It’s hardly a secret that meditation has gone mainstream, and people have had their lives affected by meditation in ways that some would consider almost impossible!

Here is a rundown of how meditation has helped me in the last 4 years:

  1. I feel a lot more relaxed into my myself, in my body and my mind. It has become easier to pinpoint emotional stress and pain both in my mental mind, and also in my physical body; exercise is the number one technique for “shaking” out those uncomfortable emotions out of your system.
  2. My self-awareness has gone through the roof, and I feel that it has become an awful lot easier to let go of thoughts and attachments that are serving little to no purpose in my life.
  3. Relationships have taken a turn and I find it easier to communicate myself to others, it also has helped me to be more compassionate towards other people; we’re all struggling with something always, it’s just that we all take different ways to deal with our struggles.
  4. And lastly.. I feel much more energetic than I did before, meditation has led me to making more healthy life choices — like a healthy food diet — and this has helped to keep my body in an optimal shape — the body is not separate from the mind, both work together in an union, so keeping both in balance is essential!

It takes a little bit of patience to weave through turbulent times in life, but willingness (and indeed will-power!) is the key component to gradually making improvements in your life.

Wouldn’t everyone like to become enlightened on day one.. It’s the process towards self-realization that makes life enjoyable, and if done right, full of joy.

Start by acknowledging a single problem you’re having.

I can relate to you when you say that life feels too overwhelming to do anything, and it’s a justified thing to say. In a world of societal groups and societies, it can be hard to fit yourself into other people’s standards, and more often than not that is what social issues come down to — the inability to compare yourself to people who seem to have it all figured out, but if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in my life so far it is this: societal groups are just a group of people trying to escape themselves from the ultimate reality, there is no such thing as division between human beings because we all share the same body, mind and heart.

What separates us is our own Ego. The desire to be accepted for who we are, but do we ever look in the mirror and ask ourselves — Am I accepting myself? It’s easier to accept yourself as the image of someone else, because in that situation you’re portraying yourself as the perfect image of another person, you tailor your own emotions and thoughts to best suit the needs of those who are surrounding you, and how good is that for your soul growth? It’s rubbish.

perfection-in-imperfectionAnxiety is the byproduct of some form of error that happened in your life, for a split second you turned away your attention from your Heart, and instead you took for granted what someone said or did to you, and assumed that this is who you are, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

We are the Heart, and within the heart consciousness there’s no such thing as labeling people, or creating groups that only accept a certain persona. It’s easy to live in this dream-like reality, but real growth can happen only when we embrace ourselves, despite the imperfections that we carry within ourselves.

So, what is holding you back?

Once you understand that personal growth is in your hands, and your hands only, you can begin to unravel — one by one — the obstacles standing in the way of your freedom, because all it ever takes to heal an emotional issue is to acknowledge its presence within you.

Once you look at this challenging pain from the perspective of an observer, you hindsight liberate this pain from holding you back in life, because all it ever asked from you was to acknowledge it, to give it love, and finally to release it within the infinite Universe.

Be courageous when you’re faced with adversity, anxiety is not about life or death, it’s about pinpointing a single strand of pain within yourself, then bringing forth awareness and letting it go.

Some of your pain might want to stick around for longer, but that’s only because it really needs your love, and you give it love by allowing it to fully express itself within your life experience. Whenever you resist something, it continues to persist — so take a radical step in a different direction, and instead of resisting; learn to accept and let go.

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