Presidential Elections: An Opportunity for Conscious Evolution

Without a doubt the most talked about topic of 2016 is going to be the US Presidential Elections. Maybe so because of the bizarre standpoint that Donald Trump is taking, or perhaps because of the continuous misfortune that Hillary Clinton is experiencing, who knows — it might be Julian Assange who’s going to take the cake for all this, but the reality check is simple: the US presidential elections are nothing short of a joke, and while it might be grueling to follow all these back and forth attacks between the candidates, perhaps it’s time to take another point of view that truly resonates with the people, the very human beings that these candidates are meant to represent.

Stepping into a minefield…

I want to make it absolutely clear that I’m not very interested in politics whatsoever, and feel more inclined to represent human consciousness in itself. Having never visited America (although my partner is from the USA), I have little first-hand experience of what it’s like to live in this country, but what I do have experience with, is the process of going through personal struggle, on top of being born in a country that was proclaimed independent on the year of my birth: 1992. My country, just like America, isn’t doing all so well in the department of politics, and corruption is at its all-time high.

Like you, I’m a citizen of the Earth. I don’t associate with myself with a particular religion, nor a country, nor a belief system that would entitle me to judge and condemn people for being or behaving in a certain way. I don’t feel it’s necessary to gauge people who don’t share similar views to me. I see the perennial human connection between all of us. We share the same mind, body, and heart, yet so little of this awareness has been spoken about during these elections, which no doubt has stirred up a pot of emotions in people who’re just as disgusted by these elections as me, or the guy standing next me.

So why should I care at all?

My belief is that we as humans are all inevitably connected, even more so today with the rapid evolution of the internet, and the immense shift in the way that the world communicates with each other. I underwent an enormous amount of challenges during the period of my adolescence, and hindsight learned a great deal about the human condition and how human emotions can get into the way of authentic human evolution.

Perhaps, that’s a story for another time.

I care because I recognize the struggle that is happening in America today, and in many ways our beautiful world. There’s no question that many countries today look up to America as an example of how a modern country needs to be, but these elections have shown that America might have it figured out as far as science and military is concerned, but when it comes to human emotion and connection — it seems as if America is still living in the stone age in that department.

Who is to blame for lack of compassion?

It’s rather amusing to listen to candidates throw jabs at each other in the territory of sexual relations, sexual abuse, and personal shortcomings. It doesn’t just reflect the foolishness of candidates themselves, or the people that they represent, it also shows that there’s clear lack of compassion for basic human understanding. In my opinion, there is no one to blame for having this lack of compassion, because it’s something that can be learned overtime, and if it isn’t there yet — it only means that there hasn’t really been anyone there to inspire it in the first place.

It goes way above my head to think that we would live in times where two presidential candidates for the most powerful country in the world, would have to defend themselves based on their misfortunes in their sexual life. Sure, it would be acceptable if only one of the candidates were participating in such ludicrous strategies (in that case, at least you could tell who was the real loony in that situation), but it’s both, and both are quite happy to continue down the same path of accusations, and complete avoidance of connecting with the people that they’re supposed to represent.

Are the candidates mirrors of our own problems?

It’s entirely possible. When Bernie Sanders started his movement of going against the establishment, within a few short months he was able to generate enormous momentum for the message of “no matter what happens, we’re going against the establishment and the traditional way of doing politics”, and a large group of people could totally resonate with that message (including me), this kept going on for a few months and the energy seemed to rise itself up rather quickly, but then out of the blue the Sanders campaign decided that it was time to switch gears, and instead of pursuing an independent candidacy, it would be easier to give support to Hillary Clinton — the same person he was so determined to go against in these elections. The momentum died shortly after, and people have resorted back to living their lives in the same old way.

Sure, Bernie’s thought process was simple — Donald Trump seems like a madman, and shouldn’t be allowed to be the president of this great country, but more than that it shows the undealt-with fear that people like Bernie are still dealing with. Donald’s stance of righteousness and opposition of the establishment resonates deeply with the American people, because those are the things that people feel hurt about the most in their own country — having politicians take away everything from them, without showing any sincerity or signs of compassion towards making things better as a community, as a united nation.

The war between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is a clear reflection of the division that is happening in America, some want the safe path of doing things the old way (Clinton supporters), and some are simply tired of listening to the same old track so many times over (Trump supporters), and then inbetween that you had Sanders supporters, people who were truly passionate about making change in their country, people who for once in their lives thought that someone has showed up to create a grassroots movement of making slow and incremental changes to a broken system.

Poof. All you have been left with is two clowns trying to determine who has had a worse sex life during their careers, and if that isn’t the reflection of a pathetic understanding of the nature of human connection, then what is?

Future is in the hands of the American people.

It’s hard to imagine that either of the candidates will be able to save America from this energy of bondage. Both are ego-driven candidates who want to prove themselves right, perhaps for the first time in their lives. I imagine that being the president of such a powerful country isn’t a small feat, and both candidates must share a common fear between them, but that doesn’t add anything to the fact that both have shown very little interest in accepting the evolution of human consciousness.

Human beings are not static, we’re always growing and evolving. As more information becomes accessible to the average person, the need for education begins to dissipate, as schools provide little to no value education standards that would prepare people for a life of understanding, a life of balanced connection between each other. Instead, schools deliberately enforce traditional learning materials, none of which prepare the students for a shitstorm of challenges that begin to appear in their early adulthood.

Why fight each other when you can take matters in your own hands?

It’s understandable that Americans are angry, anyone who has been deliberately dragged by his chin across a steaming pile of shit for extended periods of time, is understandably going to be upset, and this is the American population right now. Obama might have done some great things during his career, but he’s more interested in things like science programs, artificial intelligence, and technological advancement, versus showing interest in helping the nation understand itself as loving human beings.

So, what’s the point to fight against a current that wasn’t built to be fought against? Putting anger and rage aside, the American people are faced with the challenge of taking matters into their own hands, that is of course, if the American people are truly fed up with the way their country is being run, and the way that their country is being seen by people outside of it.

There are hardly any initiatives for people to take matters into their own hands, because trying to climb the ladder of opposition in the face of government is impossible, so what other alternatives are there? For one, it’s the establishing of a national community that understands each other not as an enemy, but someone who shares common ground.

When we express anger, we’re not really angry at the person we’re expressing it towards, we’re angry at ourselves for not having taken matters into our own hands at a point in our life, so it pays to understand that not all dense emotions are because of other people, there’s no greater lesson in life than learning to let go of that which is causing you to be uncomfortable.

Fixing yourself is a demanding task.

If the system has outgrown your ability to see beyond it, to see a positive resolution for it, then what is the point to waste your energy in condemning it, or trying to tell it that it’s doing things the wrong way?

The system has heard you cry countless times already, did it ever change anything? The whole world is crying for America to wake up, because as disturbing as it is, majority of nations on this planet look up to America as an example. That’s why it’s so disheartening to watch two candidates representing two divided sides of a beautiful country, without accepting the fact that between humans there’s no such thing as division.

When you’re dividing yourself from another human being, you’re only telling yourself that you don’t accept yourself, or the other person, as a whole, and instead choose to follow a safe path that doesn’t promote your growth, but instead reassures a safe outcome based on your interests.

Be kind to your fellow natives.

My last message is this: don’t vote for a candidate, vote for yourself. Hating each other, telling each other how messed up they are, and using anger as means of feeling accepted is not the answer towards a compassionate nation. Once America does start to wake up, and does start to embrace the inevitable evolution of human consciousness, then perhaps it will become easier to look at your fellow natives on the street, to look them truly in the eyes and understand that apart from your own mind and emotions, there’s nothing that could ever separate you from each other.

All of us, all human beings, are learning to become free, to truly embrace the meaning of freedom, we’re learning to put an end to an unfortunate suffering that was caused by simple human error; to take materialistic values for granted. You could have all the wealth in the world, but if you’re unhappy with yourself then it’s worth nothing, in fact, it’s worth less than nothing. Being rich and wealthy means to be happy with yourself, it means to have compassion and kindness for fellow human beings, the most important lesson of our times.

Your comments, thoughts and feedback is welcomed in the comment section below. I’m happy to answer questions, clarify my point of view, and simply have a civil discussion about a heart to heart connection that we as humans deserve.

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